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Tarleys Trust Management Services has extensive experience in Body Corporate Administration, we have the flexibility to provide a comprehensive tailor-made property management package that is right for you.

Our services include:

Administration of Levy Accounts
Separate monthly statements will be issued to each owner individually detailing amounts due in terms of the annual budget. We generally impose strict rules and policies relating to non or late payment of monthly levies as non-compliance with these policies causes unnecessary financial strain.

Administration of Banking Accounts
Separate banking accounts are opened in the name of each Body Corporate. We do not allow ‘pooling’ of funds.

Control of Records
We will attend to all statutory requirements relating to Documents, Meetings, Notices for Meetings, Trustees Appointments and Resignations, Annual Returns, etc. In addition, we will prepare all books and documentation required for handover to the auditors for the annual audit.

Upon our appointment, we will review the current insurances and advise of any adjustments that should be made to the policy.

Portfolio Management
We take a personal interest in one of our representatives attending meetings and maintaining a consistent interface with the Trustees and Owners.

We are able to provide the Trustees with monthly reports of levy debtors, creditors for services rendered. Copies of the bank statements and cash book balances are also available on a monthly basis.

All major repairs and emergency work relating to the common areas may be delegated through our offices, unless otherwise preferred. We have a quick turnaround time on repairs and try our utmost to resolve any problems on the day on which a report is received.

Project Management
We take a close personal interest in all improvements done to your building. We arrange specifications and tenders for all major work, subject to approval by the Trustees. Regular site inspections are done to ensure the work is progressing, as scheduled.

We also have our own dedicated building and maintenance teams within our company which allows us to extend beneficial pricing, should you choose to make use of their services.

Investment of Surplus Funds
Surplus funds accumulated in the current accounts are invested at regular intervals into investment accounts which attract higher interest rates.

As we are well versed in various areas of law, we will deal with all legal matters as far as possible without involving attorneys and incurring additional costs. To date, this has proven to be very effective both in the quick resolution of legal matters as well as a significant reduction in unnecessary legal expenses.

We have a proven track record of effective management strategies as well as the rehabilitation of Bodies Corporate that have fallen victim to mismanagement.