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 Tarleys Trust  0comments  22.01.2016

We are at the end stages of our various expansion projects, some of which include, bigger offices, additional staff, a revamped website and new partnerships which have been put in place to ensure our clients maximum growth and optimum service at all times. It seems 2010 has given the much needed injection of excitement and motivation into the industry evidenced by the increased movement in the market which seems to be growing on a monthly basis as the long awaited Soccer World Cup draws closer and closer to a reality. As most Property Management agencies begin to increase their prices for 2010, our pricing structure will remain as per usual for the foreseeable future as the pockets of South African citizens will be one of the major casualties of the Soccer World Cup. We are doing everything possible to protect the investments of our clients, both short and long term. Our primary objective is to maintain the wealth of South Africans by not jumping on the 2010 bandwagon of increased prices motivated by the attraction to the abundance of foreign currency which will be flowing through our country this June. The publication of articles written by both myself and other staff members form the beginning of the new (and hopefully improved) interface of the company, through which we hope you will learn more about us and the team behind our property division.
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