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Tarleys Trust Property Group increases building division

Tarleys Trust 0 comments 08.12.2015

Tarleys Trust Property Group has completed a buy out of an established building company complete with building teams in order to consolidate their building division into a more efficient team enabling better pricing structures as compared to their competitors.

Clients have everything to gain by making use of their services as the process from planning to completion has been streamlined and can now be handled by one team capable of turning dreams into reality without exorbitant costs being incurred in the process.

This is the second consolidation in recent months and illustrates the lengths to which the team at Tarleys Trust Property Group is going to ensure and maintain their status as property service industry leaders says Managing Director Bradley Berman.

Tarleys has established many partnerships throughout the industry to ensure clients peace of mind as all their Property Management, Property Development and Property Maintenance needs can be effectively dealt with under one roof.

Tarleys Trust Property Group has built up a reputation based on honesty and integrity with some high profile clients already making use of their expanded service range while continuing to raise the benchmark with excellent service and personalised client attention at all times.